These attachments make up the largest category within our range and are used for the handling of loads through the camping on each side.
The clamping force can be regulated through a hydraulic valve that is supplied as standard and allows for the   handling in complete safety .
The models differ in the type of arms that are fitted and can vary depending on the different loads that need to be carried.
Minimum and maximum opening ranges and arm sizes can vary depending on the loads to be carried.

Clamp unit – type 474

Fork clamp – type 474.170

Clamp with rotating forks – type 474.150

Foam clamp – type 474.195

Bale clamp with thin blades – type 474.131 and type 116.131

Bale clamp with wavy edged arms – type 474.130 and type 116.130

Pulp clamp – type 474.125 and type 116.125

Block clamp with compensating arms – type 474.141

Appliance clamp with two pivoting arms – type 474.180

Appliance clamp with one pivoting arm – type 474.182

Appliance clamp with fixed arms – type 474.181

Drum clamp for 1 or 2 drums – type 474.160

Drum clamp for 2 or 4 drums – type 474.190

Clamp with rubber covered arms – type 474.137